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Mr.Gowrang ,(PhD)

I underwent training in Foundation Bioinformatics Genome Programming conducted by Biocuration Scientific Solution. It is one of the best training I have undergone. I learnt a lot from Biocuration Scientific Team ,Team of  very renowned scientists. The training opened doors to many more opportunities and one such opportunity is me landing my PhD position. I would like to thank Biocuration Team


I have joined Biocuration during lockdown on COVID19, after few months training ,now I am able to work on bioinformatic tools independently. Also l knew the situation,Genome Analysis, pathophysiology of COVID19 around different countries through various webinar, training conducted by Biocuration. I am very glad to Biocuration and Abhishek sir for adding me Biocuration Team


Advance course gonna upgrade your bioinformatics and data analysis skill. It will make u more competent and confident enough to analyze biological data with ease. Program is designed to understand ongoing research and much emphasis is given on paper writing skill to have a publication during training

Sharma, M.Tech

Great Training , Fantastic material and an awesome learning experience!


I have enrolled for Foundation Bioinformatics & Genomics Programming Course online training 6 months with Biocuration Team - Dr Abhishek , Scientist Experienced from German Labs , Teaching was very practical and Hands on Practice to understand the Genomics level in Computation Methodology . Its very nice to learn from Biocuration Team


it was very good to learn from Biocuration Team I have enrolled for Bioinformatics basic course , it was good practical hands on learning and more i utilized bioinformatics skills in my Company research job responsibilities

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