Biocuration Scientific Solutions Lab - BCSSL, the heads of current Bioinformatics - since 2013, with demonstrated quality, administration, and obligation to established researchers on the loose. To give total sequencing arrangements, from test planning to cutting edge bioinformatics examination, Biocuration Scientific IT Solutions has uses the most recent advances, and master logical faculty. BCSSL, the most encouraging In silico lab give answers for center Genomics, Next Generation Sequencing, Microarray Data investigation, Clinical and Epidemiological Data examination, Metagenomics, Microbial Informatics, Clinical Bioinformatics/Computational Biology/Computational Chemistry and so forth We utilize inventive thoughts in cutting edge calculations improvement in first rate Software/Database advancement for research in Life sciences and Pharma Industry. We offer progressed Bioinformatics answers for each application to help scientists in the investigation of the huge measures of Microarray information, Next Generation Sequencing Data, Clinical/Epidemiological information, Metagenomics, Molecular Docking, Homology Modelling  and so forth We endeavor to give research arrangements in a convenient way with firm obligation to quality, dependability, and proficiency. Our Services incorporates.

NGS Services

Regardless of whether it's your first cutting edge sequencing project or your 100th, BIOCURATION researchers are devoted to encouraging you locate the correct NGS answer for your examination. We have gone through years advancing our cycles to convey the best outcomes that comply with your financial plan and time constraint.

BIOCURATION gives total NGS arrangements from our cutting edge lab in INDIA . We offer both norm and custom administrations for extraction, library planning, sequencing, and bioinformatics. Our Ph.D.- level venture supervisors offer help at each progression of your task, including free conferences, continuous updates, and post-conveyance help.

Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Molecular dynamic (MD) simulations is a method in which physical movements of atoms and molecules under given physiochemical conditions. MD is widely used in determining the thermodynamic properties of the given protein structure in complex with/without ligand in the presence of solvent at given pH, temperature and pressure. Through this method total potential energy of the given protein-ligand complex along with associated interaction energies can be calculated towards validating their association strength during the conformational changes.

Structure And Ligand Based Virtual Screening Studies

Virtual screening is a computational technique used in drug discovery research for screening of large chemical space for potential lead drug candidates towards a known drug target, typically an enzyme or a protein receptor. As the accuracy and correlation of this method of screening with experimental results is increased, the application of this technique is being highly appreciated in pharma industries towards screening enormous chemical space of over 1060 small chemical compounds. Based on the available knowledge regarding potential drug target/ligand, structure/ligand based virtual screening will be implemented either individually or in combination for identifying potential lead drug like compounds.

PhD Thesis Writing

The hardest piece of a doctoral course is composing a proposition. Since ideal accommodation of proposition and its quality is so basic to getting the degree, it is strongly suggested that researchers profit master direction. We at Thesis India offers the top tier proposition composing help with the most moral way. Our journalists offering PhD proposition composing administrations in India, manage the researchers to set up the system immaculately for theory sections. At that point the researchers build up the parts, taking customary inputs from the authors. Thus, it is the specialists' thoughts and musings that go in to setting up the proposition. A portion of the rules that we follow for PhD postulation composing are as per the following:

Homology Modelling

Homology modeling is a computational modeling technique used for generating high resolution hypothetical proteins by using the evolutionarily related protein structure information. This method is highly valuable when the structure of the protein target is not known. Presently available softwares allow us to build therapeutically important drug targets with high accuracy and correlation with experimentally determined protein structures.

Molecular Docking

Most of the biological functions depends upon the protein-protein interactions, especially signal transduction mechanisms, which is the core of the entire interactomics system of any living cell. Many disease pathways such as cancer, undesired protein-protein interactions are the key factors towards malfunctioning of the cells. Most of the anti cancer drugs have been identified by blocking the protein-protein interacting pathway. Hence, studying the network pathways involving many protein interactions is crucial towards finding novel drug targets and studying the protein-ligand interactions which can specifically target a particular protein-protein interaction is vital for novel drug discovery.