• Basic Handling: 
    • Handling of equipments.
    • Basic calculations of molecular biology.
    • Media preparation and autoclaving.
  • Growth and maintenance of bacteria carrying recombinant plasmid.
  • Plasmid DNA isolation and treating it with RNase-A to get rid of RNA content.
  • Restriction Digestion and analysis.
  • Gel elution of both vector and insert DNA saparately.
  • Ligation reaction.
  • Competent cell preprtion and transformation.
  • Competent cell efficiency testion using known quantity of DNA.
  • Screening of trsanformation through α-complementation test.

Durartion : 10-12 working Days

Lab Location : Banashankri 2nd Stage | Bangalore 

Accomodation Avaialble*

rDNA Technology