About Course : The fields of Bioinformatics and Genomics involve the development and analysis of Genomics data generated from sequencing platform to make biological discoveries. Some people enter the field as a biologist who learns how to use the tools or as computer scientists/engineers who are able to build tools. A solid background in both biology and Drug Designing is extremely helpful. Bioinformatics is driving the assortment and investigation of huge information in the biosciences. This course is intended for bioscience graduate understudies and gives a hands-on presentation to the PC based investigation of genomic and biomolecular information.


What you will Learn: Genomic and biomolecular bioinformatics assets, Advances in  Sequencing advancements; Genome informatics, Structural informatics, and Transcriptomics. Computational devices, methods and best practices that encourage reproducible bioinformatics research will likewise be presented in paper


A Scientist Trainer expert from a Genomic research laboratory Germany for this Complete Course: More Detail in Person


Live Project Work with paper publishing opportunity from Scientific Team


Containing all understanding materials, screencasts and course notes will be kept up all through the term. Understudies finishing this course will have the option to assess new genomic and biomolecular data utilizing existing programming and addition involvement with consolidating bioinformatics approaches to address explicit natural inquiries.


Eligibility: Bioscience graduate students and others familiar with basic molecular biology concepts. No formal programming training or high level mathematical skills are required.

Career: Bio IT Company, Research Institutions, Pharmaceutical Company, Healthcare Solutions Company, Hospital, Academic and University etc..


Foundation Bioinformatics | Genomics Programming | 6 Months | Online Live Trainings from Industry Expert Scientist | Evening  After 9 PM - IST 


Module I         : Foundation of Bioinformatics 

  • Basic Bioinformaticsm
  • Sequence analyses​
  • Structural analyses,
  • Phylogenetic analyses
  • Pathways​

Module II        : Foundation of Genomics

  • Basic  Genomics
  • Genome analyses
  • Genome browsers​
  • Comparative Genomics
  •  Genomics software​

Module III       : Foundation Next Generation Sequencing

  • Basic NGS
  • Transcriptomics/RNA-Seq
  • Proteomics, Proteogenomics
  • SNP ranking and prioritization
  • NGS tools

Module IV       : Foundation of Programming

  • Understanding of programming
  • Bioinformatics programing, ​
  • General good practices of programming
  • Tips of various topics

Module V        : Foundation of Linux Operating System

  • Installing Linux
  • Understanding different Linux
  • Linux for bioinformatics, ​
  • Shell scripting
  • Using Linux as main OS
  • Dealing with files 
  • Bioinformatics applications in Linux

Module VI      : Foundation of Python Programming

  • Understanding python
  • Jupytor notebook
  • Biopython
  • Python for Bioinformatics
  • Python for Genomics
  • Practicing python

Module VII     : Foundation of R and Bioconductor Programming

  • Basic R
  • Installing R and Rstudio
  • Applications of R in Bioinformatics
  • Bioconductor​

Module VIII    : Project Training in Bioinformatics and Genomics

  • Project training (Bioinformatics & Genomics)
  • Coronaviruses
  • Cancer genomics Comparative genomics
  • Fungal and plant genomics​
  • Skills in writing papers
  • Reviews and data arrangements and presentation


 *Recommendation and References from Biocuration Scientific Team for Job and Higher Studies , India and International Level






6 Months Online Live Training Foundation Bioinformatics | Genomics Programming