Duration: 1 Month 


About Course:


The fields of bioinformatics and computational biology involve the development and application of tools to make biological discoveries. Some people enter the field as a biologist who learns how to use the tools or as computer scientists/engineers who are able to build tools. A solid background in both biology and computer science is extremely helpful.



  • Graduate or PGs from a recognized University in Life Science ( Biotech / Botany / Zoology / Microbiology / BioChemistry)
  • Graduate from a recognized University in Health Sciences (MBBS / BDS / BAMS /BHMS / BUMS / BVSc)
  • BE ,M.E in Biotech / BCA / BSc IT ,M.Sc IT / BSc CS, M.Sc CS
  • Post graduate and doctoral students, researchers & corporate working people related to life sciences.


Syllabus: As per Bangalore University M.Sc - Course

Introduction to Bioinformatics

Biological Databases

  • Datamining and Application
  • Accessing Bibliographic databases - Pubmed
  • Nucleic acid sequence databank-NCBI and EMBL
  • Protein Sequence Databank - NBRF-PIR,SWISSPROT
  • Structural databases - Protein databank (PDB)
  • Metabolic Pathway databank (pub gene)
  • Microbial genomics database ( MBGD)
  • Cell line database (ATCC)
  • Virus databank (UICTVdb)


Sequence Alignment 

  • Global and Local Alignment
  • Scoring Matrices 


  • Restriction Mapping - NEB CUTTER
  • Similarity Searching ( FASTA and BLAST)
  • Paorwise comparision of sequence
  • Multiple sequence alignment of sequence
  • Identification of gene in genome 
  • Phylogenetic analysis ( Nucleic acid and protein sequence)
  • Identification of ORFs
  • Identification of motifs


Proetin Structure and Molecular Interaction 

  • Introduction to protein structure 
  • secondary structure 
  • tertiary structure prediction
  • protein modelling
  • principles of homology
  • comparative modelling
  • Threading 
  • structure evaluatio and validation
  • ab-intio Modelling , its application
  • Molecular docking - Autodoc


Online Live Training 

Practical Session and hands on Training , Question and Answer 

Exam Preparation, Notes and Material 


Job Recomendation and Reference from Biocuration Scientific Team


Bioinformatics - M.Sc Paper (Bangalore University)