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About the Course


About Bioinformatics Foundation Course:

The fields of bioinformatics and computational biology involve the development and application of tools to make biological discoveries. Some people enter the field as a biologist who learns how to use the tools or as computer scientists/engineers who are able to build tools. A solid background in both biology and computer science is extremely helpful.


  • Graduate or PGs from a recognized University in Life Science ( Biotech / Botany / Zoology / Microbiology / BioChemistry)

  • Graduate from a recognized University in Health Sciences (MBBS / BDS / BAMS /BHMS / BUMS / BVSc)

  • BE ,M.E in Biotech / BCA / BSc IT ,M.Sc IT / BSc CS, M.Sc CS

  • Post graduate and doctoral students, researchers & corporate working people related to life sciences.

Syllabus: Introduction to Bioinformatics

  • What is Bioinformatics

  • Who should be use Bioinformatics

  • Skills required for bioinformatics professional

  • Pharmaceutical Companies and Bioinformatics

  • Application of Bioinformatics

  • Bioinformatics Analysis

  • Use of Bioinformatics in Laboratory

  • Application of Bioinformatics


  • Sequence databases

  • Structure database

  • Molecular Visualization

  • Medical Database

  • Enzyme Database

  • Database search engines

Sequence Alignment

  • Introduction to sequence alignment

  • Pairwise sequence alignment

  • Significance of sequence alignment

  • Multiple Sequence alignment (MSA)

  • Sequence similarity searching tool

Phylogenetic Analysis

  • Introduction

  • Phylogenetic Models

  • Data Analysis

  • Tree building

  • Homology Modeling - Phylogenetic software.

Foundation Bioinformatics


 Course Fee

1 Month

6000 INR

Prof Prashant
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