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About the Course


About Tableau Data Analysis Course:

The fields of Data Analysis involve in healthcare. Healthcare data is generated from various labs , Hospitals and pharmaceutical's industries. This data is to make better discoveries in treatment. people interested in the field for biological data analysis for research, Healthcare professional who learns how to use the tools for data analysis. A solid background in Medical , Pharmaceutical, Bioscience and Life Science is extremely helpful for Healthcare Data Analysis.

Tableau Syllabus

Getting Started

  • Tableau Prep

  • Connecting to Data

  • Visual Analytics

  • Dashboards and Stories

  • Mapping

  • Calculations

  • Publish to Tableau Online

  • Publish to Tableau Server


  • Collaborate with Tableau Online

  • Collaborate with Tableau Server


  • Collaborate with Tableau Online

  • Collaborate with Tableau Server


  • Manage Tableau Online

  • Security with Tableau Online

  • Deploy and Manage Tableau Server

  • Security with Tableau Server

Tableau Data Visualization in Healthcare


 Course Fee

1 Month

12000 INR

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