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About the Course


About NGS Course: The fields of NGS and computational biology involve the development and analysis of Genomics data generated from illuminia platform to make biological discoveries. some people enter the field as a biologist who learns how to use the tools or as computer scientists/engineers who are able to build tools. A solid background in both biology and Drug Designing is extremely helpful.


  • Introduction to Bioinformatics

  • Linux basics

  • R programming basics

  • Experimental setup (Basic of wetlab principle of each sequencing methods )

  • Basic of NGS data analysis

  • NGS for genomics; assembly, alignment, QC and variant calling tools

  • NGS read-to-reference alignment (genomic and RNA-Seq)

  • Variant calling in populations

  • NGS for transcriptomics; QC, mapping, visualisation tools

  • Reference of RNA-sequence data

  • Statistics used for RNA seq data analysis

  • Principle of some MLA like PCA , heatmap , hirarchial clustering

  • Functional annotation

  • Pathways analysis

  • Network analysis

Important Notes:

  1. Training Mode: Online

  2. Trainers : Highly Experienced Industry Professionals.

  3. More interactive class

  4. Training participation E-Certificate will be provided at the end of the training.

  5. Queries/support even after training will be encouraged through forum.

  6. Please feel free to ask if any further information required.

Next Generation Sequencing


 Course Fee

1 Month

12000 INR

Prof Muhammed Inam
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