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About the Course


About Healthcare(AI) Course :

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed enterprises all over the planet, and can possibly drastically adjust the field of medical services. Envision having the option to examine information on understanding visits to the facility, drugs endorsed, lab tests, and methodology performed, as well as information outside the wellbeing framework .In this specialization, we'll examine the current and future utilizations of Artificial intelligence in medical care fully intent on figuring out how to carry Artificial intelligence advancements into the center securely and morally. This specialization is intended for both medical services suppliers and software engineering experts, offering experiences to work with joint effort between the disciplines.

The final course will consist of a capstone project that will take you on a guided tour exploring all the concepts we have covered in the different classes. This will be a hands-on experience following a biological data, using a unique dataset created for this specialization. We will review how the different choices you make -- such as those around feature construction, the data types to use, how the model evaluation is set up and how you handle the data timeline -- affect the care that would be recommended by the model. Syllabus :

Session 1: Biological Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence

Session 2: AI Basics: concepts, terminologies and workflow, ML, DL

Session 3: Use cases of how AI is being used in healthcare

Session 4: A short tour to test of significance: hypothesis testing, distributions, linear regression

Session 5: Exploratory Data Analysis: it helps asks you relevant questions

Session 6: Domain wise deep dive : AI and ML for drug discovery

Session 7: AI and ML in the field of bioinformatics

Session 8:Image classification , object detection: examples of tumor detection

Session 9: Can AI replace domain ?

Session 10: Case study

About Instructor :

Chhavi Chawla Come from a background of statistical Ecology. A researcher by descent, she finished her engineering in 2012 in Biotechnology , during my college She was working with Prof Vidyanand Nanjundiah and Prof Vishwesha Guttal, Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc , on interesting Mathematical models concerning `Evolution of Cooperation in animals`, this is the same work that she continued for her job from 2012-2014, where she worked as project assistant on Department of Science (DST) project and was awarded a scholarship soon after to carry my MS in Statistical Ecology from Massey University, NZ from 2014-2016. After my MS, She decided to move towards more applied problems and data-based modelling was gaining momentum at the time. To translate fully into applied domain, She did PG-Diploma in Big Data Analytics from CDAC – Bengaluru to gain know-how of big data techniques 2016-2017. Soon after, She joined Bosch Centre for Artificial Intelligence, first as Data Scientist for 2 years, then as a Senior Data Scientist- for 2 more years. Worked there on a variety of data-based use cases, mostly in automotive domain. Been a year that She moved to Honeywell Building Management Systems – Sustainability working as a product owner and Advanced Data Scientist.

Artificial Intelligence


 Course Fee

1 Month

12000 INR

Ms Chhavi Chawla
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